315 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario

Friday, September 15th, 2006

from the maker of Gambling, Gods, and LSD,
Peter Mettler and friends invite you to an evening of improvised audio-visual adventure. An uncharted “live cinema” journey through a multitude of interesting places and states.

Please join us for this very special occasion bringing together a diversity of local and European artists offering up their unique talents in an eight-hour fusion of live manipulated image and sound.

The majestic old Church at Berkley will house this expanded cinematic experience, taking you on a journey from the beginnings of Shadowplay and Gamelan, on to expressive blends of classic/jazz/electronica, culminating in full-on dance beats.

A wide palette of collected moving pictures and mixing/effects possibilities will be engaged to create one-time-only projections in concert with each musical passage.

Watch, meditate, dance or socialize through a seamless series of transitions of form, emotion and state. We look forward to your presence in the mix.

Elsewhere – where music meets cinema - and cinema meets dance - in a place they used to call a church.

live audio:

Evergreen Gamelan Club Ensemble
Artifact Music, Naxos, Canada
Formed in 1983, Evergreen Club is Canada's first performing gamelan and is the only ensemble of its kind dedicated to the commissioning and performance of contemporary music. With over fifteen years of experience together, the club is made up of eight accomplished musicians, each performs on a collection of Indonesian bronze and wooden instruments that are collectively known as a gamelan. The Club will begin the program by playing live accompaniment to Peter Mettler’s “Balifilm”.

Martin Schütz
Koch-Schütz-Studer, Switzerland
Martin Schütz is a cellist and electronic musician, improviser and composer. He has been a figure on the European scene of improvised music since the eighties. Through his unique approach to the electric and acoustic cello as rhythm & sound machines, he expands the boundaries of the electro-acoustic form in his productions and performances.

Murcof aka Terrestre
The Leaf Label, Static Discos, Mexico
Fernando Corona founded the Murcof project in early 2001 in Tijuana, México. Experimenting with the fusion of electronic and classical music is the core of his minimalist expression. A unique harmonic character is found in his merging of digital precision with acoustic warmth. Winner of 2006 Qwartz electronic music award for most promising artist.

Marc Weiser of Rechenzentrum
Shitkatapult, Kitty-Yo, Mille Plateaux, Berlin
Marc is the musical half of Rechenzentrum, an audio/visual “band” that is always searching for new processes of music/moving image production, while refining forms of presentation which create on-stage dialogue between audio and video. Crossing genres from highly complex collage of techno house sounds to abstract hip-hop, their Director’s Cut DVD received an 'honorary award' at the Ars Electronica Festival in 2003.

Telefunk Soundsystem
Hot Pie Records, Sumkidz Collective
Telefunk Soundsystem compose and perform innovative and improvised sonic journeys. Often collaborating with other audio and video artists, they have gained a reputation for their genre warping live shows, which fuse the electronic with the organic. Telefunk’s lush soundscapes create diverse atmospheres specific to the venue and performance by manipulating electro-acoustic sounds into audio imagery in the spirit of dub.

Adam Marshall vs. Tom Kuo
New Kanada, Foundation Studio, minimal
Both of these experienced and acclaimed performers have come to appreciate the value of live improvisation. The duo provides a controlled state of progression through the real-time manipulation of rhythmic textures and sounds. Their live performances build on one another’s actions, while capturing and extending the random moments of brilliance.

live image mixing:

Peter Mettler
is known for a diversity of work in image and sound mediums – foremost for his films such as “Picture of Light” and “Gambling, Gods and LSD” but also as a photographer and groundbreaking live audio/visual mixing performer. His work bridges the gap between experimental, narrative, personal essay, and documentary. He has collaborated with an extensive range of international artists and has been honored with awards and retrospectives worldwide.

He is your host of the evening, this event being part of the "Canadian Retrospective", honoring his artistic achievements by the Toronto International Film Festival. Visit e.bell.ca/filmfest for info on other feature spotlight of his work.

Derivative Software
develops advanced tools for designing and performing live visuals. Its TouchDesigner is evolved from the popular 3D special effects software Houdini, which is credited for 300+ feature films since 1992. With its interactive capabilities to manipulate 3D visuals live, Derivative has worked with Richie Hawtin (Plastikman), Michael Snow, Rush, Prada and Herzog and de Meuron. This event will be spearheaded by Greg Hermanovic, who has been building animation tools for artists for over 20 years and has received two Academy Awards for software innovations in 3D animation with his original company Side Effects Software.

Elysha Poirier
is a Toronto based artist, designer and live video mixer. Her recent works have incorporated various mediums exercising a relationship between handcrafted design techniques and digital media. Her experiments with video performance include the incorporation of stop-motion animation in 16mm, flash animation, as well as painterly techniques on celluloid. By extracting images from their original context, she creates playful arrangements that extend the boundaries of our familiar perception of media.

Blaine Speigel aka Blankfoto,
Is a photographer and artist currently gardening in Toronto. His work embraces both documentary and experimental traditions. Blankfotos’s individualized process of image manipulation and specialized techniques with analog and digital projectors transform spatial environments. New projects include installations and exhibitions that explore and integrate studies in alchemy, mysticism and organic processes.

Event info: petermettler.com/elsewhere

Venue: The Berkeley Church - 315 Queen Street East, Toronto, Canada

Tickets: $25 advance, more at the door. Available from Pages Bookstore, Soundscapes, Seekers Books, Shanti Baba, Rotate This, Play de record. 19+

download full flyer > www.foundationmusic.com/elsewhere/elsewhere.pdf

Official Website: http://www.petermettler.com/elsewhere

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