276 E. Ninth Street
Upland, California 91786

Sideways SmileyFace Productions and Phoenix Rising present a Special Engagement of "eLove, a Musical.com/edy", with book, music, and lyrics by award-winning Wayland Pickard with additional lyrics by Sherry Netherland & Deborah Johnson, June 24 and 25 at 7:29pm, and June 26 at 2:00pm, at The Grove Theatre in Upland.

Starring the original cast, seasoned veterans Lloyd Pedersen and Bobbi Stamm, this touching, upbeat musical is a contemporary love story about a man and a woman searching cyberspace for that ‘special someone’. In the end, they discover that love on the internet reveals a little more than either one had expected.

276 East 9th Street Upland 91785

Admission: $20 - $25

Tickets: www.grovetheatre.com or (909) 920-4343

Information: www.grovetheatre.com or www.elove-themusical.com.

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the community summit events he does have been very useful for me in coming up with new ideas and talking to an interesting array of people... i'm jumping in and signing up for this.


One difference from the traditional 'unconference' format is the $200 price tag. The conference website is kinda light on ideas, and doesn't yet link to a wiki so I can see who else is involved, before I register.


It's weird that 'Camps' are now starting to cost as much as a rented server for the month. I really like the event idea, but I think there should be a different name between Conference and Camp as Camp w definded to be used as a 'chip in to cover expenses' event.

Woof and bark


Yep, that's what folks in the ongoing forum on online communities at The WELL said, too. Camp should mean nearly free or we're seeing serious terminology creep. Fair point. I have enjoyed their invite-only Online Community Summit events so much that I am willing to pay for this one on the hunch that it will be of similar quality, no matter what it is called.It's the lack of travel and hotel costs for me as a local that will mean I can afford this (as opposed to driving, airfare, possible hotel plus free event elsewhere).


I was interested until I saw the price tag


Thanks for the comments on price (since I'm the guy running the event and set the price). Fair point on "terminology creep" with the term "camp". At the same time, getting a full day event for $175 is still pretty cheap compared to a conference. I guess the other considerations about price: a) we generally offer scholarships, b) it means the event can be much less commercial, c) it helps attract serious folks who would actually rather pay, and d) why should microsoft or cisco go free? :) . Anyway, we think pretty hard about it.


I see you filled up! congrats. All these collaboratively-designed-by-participants events have the catch-22 of needing enough info to register and participate in order to decide whether to register and fill in the info. One thing the BarCamp model promotes is transparency... people are freer with $ if they see the budget.


Looking forward to this! I'll post some kind of wrap-up over here, after.

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