39 New Montgomery
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94105

Here's the plan flickr folk.
consider this an impromptu flickr meet because.
Spiralz is in town from UK
Ellipse is in town from New Zealand.

I know two accents to laugh at, how much more brilliant can life get. We'll be drinking at House of Shields from around 6ish on the 25th.

We also plan to mooch around SF on the Saturday if anyone is interested in a photo ramble.

aaand, if that isn't enough ellipse is bringing a box of chocolate fish from New Zealand.

Added by ellipse on August 15, 2006



The fish in NZ are made of chocolate? New Zealand sounds like heaven.

(Anyways, just wanted to say sorry I will miss this. Im heading to Europe this friday and not returning till early Sept.)


I shall leave a fish of chocolate with cygnoir to give you on your return.


walkabout would be fun on saturday.


appaentlly feria urbana is on on saturday so i'll be in that part of the world for some time


Will there be other ellipse- and spiralz-based events after the weekend? I'll be gone till Sunday night ...