Harvard Square
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

This will be an all-day technical conference all about Elgg - an open-source social networking platform that has been getting huge traction lately. Come and learn about how it works and how you can start doing some freelance work on this in-demand platform! Twitter tag: #ElggCamp

This will be the second day of a two day event. The first day, Social Technology in Education is non-technical, but will feature Elgg case studies. Upcoming link for that event: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/2990056/

Added by edfactor on June 24, 2009



How about posting videos or transcripts for those of us that can't attend in person?


I'm taking my 40GB HD + 4GB DVD Vid-Cam along to Elgg-Boston ;-) supposing that Elgg-Camp organizing Team do not mind. I'd like to record everything - then create some kind of "movie" from that and perhaps some smaller "trailer clips" so that the whole Elgg-World can "read the Book" and "see the Movie" ;-)