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"I just find the imaginary to be more real than the physical. I hope that the songs can be more than just postcards with a world, but an invitation to it, to anyone at all who may find such a place comforting."--Julian Koster of The Music Tapes

What's the holiday, you ask? Any day that you get to take in a live show by the Elephant 6 Collective--part of a musical diaspora originating in Athens, Georgia--is cause for festive celebration. Among those taking part are members of the Music Tapes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System, Elf Power, and Gerbils, as well as a seven-foot-tall metronome, Static the Television, and many more key figures from the Elephant 6 orbit, all performing material drawn from their collective repertoire. Julian Koster of the Music Tapes describes the extravaganza (about three hours long) as a "a big orchestra, variety show, silly happy thing."

The evening of musical hijinks also includes the screening of Major Organ and the Adding Machine, a newly released short film by Joey Foreman and Eric Harris. It features musical and theatrical contributions from Jeff Mangum (watch for him in the lobster costume), Kevin Barnes, William Cullen Hart, Julian Koster, Andrew Rieger, Dixie Blood Moustache, and sundry others from the hyper-creative halcyon days of Athens in the 1990s. All concerned consider it the consummate collaboration of the Elephant 6 Collective. Come with bells on.

Note: Very limited seating.

Official Website: http://www.wexarts.org/pa/index.php?eventid=3269

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