1900 3rd St
San Francisco, California 94158

Elemental Interactions: AIR! will explore the the nature and qualities of air. The event will feature these exciting guests:
* Hosted by Will Roger, www.willroger.com

A former private pilot, Will founded the Black Rock City Airport in 1997 with Lissa Shoun. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Black Rock Arts Foundation and is a member of the Burning Man LLC. Will is also working with Nevada Relations and Properties for Black Rock City LLC. He was recently re-elected to serve as the President of Friends of the Black Rock/High Rock, is an appointee to the Sierra Front/Western Great Basin Resource Advisory Council (RAC) representing dispersed recreation, and is the chairman of the RAC subcommittee for the Black Rock/High Rock/Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area.

* Kinetic sculptor, David Boyers www.boyersculpture.com

David's work has been exhibited in public settings throughout Nevada and at last year's Burning Man event. His creative process is one of experimentation and discovery, working with many moving pieces and complex sculptural elements to create an artwork that comes to life in
the desert winds.

A Nevada resident and desert explorer , David draws inspiration from the textures and colors of weathered, aged metals, and often uses found metal scraps in the construction of his works.

* MacArthur Fellow Ned Kahn nedkahn.com

An artist from Northern California, Kahn replicates the forms and forces of nature in his work. At times he re-creates environmental conditions in controlled settings, and at other times he lets nature animate the pieces. Across the breadth of his work, the artist expertly choreographs natural phenomena. Kahn combines science, art and technology to integrate natural, human, and artificial systems. His art emphasises natural elements (water, fire, wind and sand) and calls to attention how these elements behave independently, and how they interact.

* Black Rock City Airport aviator, Lissa Shoun, A.K.A. Tiger Tiger, who will tell us about the operations, history and community of people who make up BRC International Airport.

Sitting on the perimeter of Black Rock City, the Black Rock City International Airport remains to be one of the most intriguing communities to rise from the desert. Flying at nearly 4,000 feet above sea level, with thin, hot air, 50 mile an hour winds, and the danger of dust storms ever present, it is a challenging landing for even seasoned pilots. As the number of flights in increase each year an amazing and dedicated group of volunteers keep the city and airport safe, while nurturing one of the most eclectic interesting extended families in Black Rock City. The beating heart at the center is Airport Manager, Lissa Shoun, AKA Tiger Tiger. A pilot who has flown into Black Rock City since 1996, Tiger Tiger has been managing the airport since 1997 with the help from a core team of dedicated volunteers. Lissa will tell us about the history and operations of one of the worlds most unusual airports. Read more about BRC International
Airport in Air & Space Magazine's August 2007 article.

BRAF members and donors come for free! We want to meet you again and show our appreciation for your support. Stay tuned for our next
Elemental Interaction in September: EARTH.

Feel free to spread the word as anyone is welcome to attend. A donation of $10.00 is suggested for non-members. If you know anyone who wants to become a BRAF member, this is a great opportunity to make this event the first of many enjoyable benefits. Please ask them to contact [email protected], call (415) 626-1248, or visit www.blackrockarts.org/participate for details about joining our community.

Official Website: http://blackrockarts.org/events/elemental-interactions-air

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