65 Chenery Street
San Francisco, California 94131

Help clean the environment and dispose of all your unwanted electronic waste safely and FREE OF CHARGE working or not. A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to Fairmount Elementary School.

Please follow these instructions:

1. Drop off your unwanted electronic waste at the Fairmount Elementary School side yard (entrance at Randall Street between Dolores Street and Chenery Street ) from 9AM-2PM. We will help you unload your items.

2. Check all boxes that apply and fill-in quantity.

3. Complete contact information as required by California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB). We CANNOT accept any eWaste items without this information.

4. We will collect this flyer when you drop off your eWaste items.

We accept the following items:
Monitors [Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)]
Flat-panel screens (LCD)
Computers: towers, desktops, portables (please let us know if you want us to help you destroy your hard drive)
Computer parts and accessories: CD-ROM/DVD drives, keyboards, mouse, loose PC boards, cables, speakers, power supplies, CDs, floppy disks
Network equipments: hubs, routers, switches, cables, boards
Printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, and typewriters
Cell phones and accessories, digital cameras, walkmans, PDAs, and game consoles, home batteries
VCRs, DVD players, and stereo equipment (including speakers)

We DO NOT accept the following items:
Microwaves, household appliances, vacuum cleaners, toasters, fans,
light bulbs, lamps, or furniture.

Official Website: http://www.zarcnet.com/

Added by jeffreymcmanus on March 16, 2008