65 Chenery Street
San Francisco, California 94131

Items they collect:

Computers: towers, desktops, portables

• Computer parts and accessories: keyboards, mouse, CD-ROM/DVD drives, loose PC boards, cables, CD's, and floppy drives

• Laptops

• Network equipments: hubs, routers, switches, cables, boards, UPS

• Flat-panel screens (LCD)

• Monitors [Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT)]

• Printers, copiers, fax machines, scanners, typewriters, shredders

• Small home electronic equipments: TV (any size), VCR, stereos, speakers, etc.

• Cell phones and cell phone accessories, home phones and batteries

Items they DO NOT Collect

· Microwaves,

· household appliances,

· vacuum cleaners,

· toasters,

· fans,

· light bulbs,

· lamps,

· and furniture

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