132 Eddy Street
San Francisco, California 94102

From February 9 ? March 11, 2006, Rx Gallery features recent work by San Francisco artist, Andrew Kleindolph. The exhibition opens on Thursday, February 9th from 7PM to 10PM with a reception for the artist and entertainment provided by blasthaus.

Kleindolph's meticulously crafted sculptures incorporate both found and fabricated mechanical parts along with custom electronics to arrive at intricate systems which explore the interface of humans and machines. Taking cues from surrealism, electronic and organic systems, household accessories, and garage inventions, the artist uses a low-tech vocabulary to engage us in playful interactivity where we become part of the process.

The artist's intentionally illogical and curiously frustrating interactive sculptures lure us into intricately woven narratives. At first glance, the works confuse the user with shiny buttons, LED displays, knobs, switches, and blinking lights. Ultimately, the user finds himself reaching around the lack of structure for clarity, only to realize that it's the reaching that makes the lack of structure redemptive. Acknowledging Duchamp's readymades which heralded the final statement about the "disapperance of the object" in art, Kleindolph examines the notion of art existing instead within this threshold of interactivity and offers us a "user-experience" which becomes the "form" itself.

Complimenting his three-dimensional works, the artist will also exhibit recent "digital drawings," which echo the same "form" and (il)logic of play found in his sculptures. Kleindolph's fanciful original drawings reiterate an interest in the intersection of the organic and the electronic. These works relate to his sculptures as imaginary operational diagrams or psychedelic electronic schematics. Loosely developed scientific detritus conspire with precise geometric iconography and organic digitalis to simultaneously emphasize and transcend the digital medium.

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