801 22nd St, NW
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20037

Denman Maroney/Reuben Radding/Jack Wright--Special power trio brings free improv to new levels of creativity and insight. Each has appeared on DC stages in the past, showcasing their mastery of extended techniques and fiery invention. Maroney plays "hyperpiano," working inside the piano to elevate keyboard techniques. Wright needs little introduction to fans of free improvisaton for his pioneering work as a saxophonist, and as a "road scholar" who never met a tour schedule or musical partner he didn't like. Radding emerged from the DC scene playing bass alongside Dave Grohl (yeah, that guy) in Dain Brammage, but has since transformed into one of his generation's most masterful free improvising bassists. This show is NOT TO BE MISSED!

Pierce, Putter & Rumble--Combine the creative energies of three GWU music profs: Peter Fraize on piercing sax; Jim Levy on puttering piano, and Steve Hilmy on rumbling electronics. Yes, this was postponed from the May schedule.

Big Cats--(aka Big Cats: The Real Dope $hit) Another example of DC's fine electronica/noise/punk underground, this duo features Sean People of FFFFs and SocketsCDR! and Patrick James Connolly. From the band: "The Big Cats sound falls somewhere in the middle of an enchanted forest and the iron maiden. Or maybe like a Wildebeast with a soft, compassionate side. Who knows? They don't... From spacey folk ballads to zonked-out rug cutting terror-noise, this duo is pure indulgence. With a revolving cast of local DC musicians, Big Cats claim no permanent line-up besides Connolly and Peoples, which keeps songs constantly in a state of flux. This, the band thinks, is a good thing." More info: www.myspace.com/bigbigcats

Official Website: http://panicresearch.com/electric_poss.html

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