West courtyard former site of Duan Qirui Government/ 东城区,张自忠路3-2号段祺瑞执政府旧址西院
Beijing 北京, Beijing 100007

Electric Bicycle World Tour a project to demonstrate and promote the use of alternative transport options that have less negative impact on our planet, is pleased to present it’s Farewell Party, a free event.

An experience never attempted before by one person on an electric bicycle - an alternative form of personal transportation highlighting the use of cleaner energy sources and living with less reliance on traditional combustion energy.

Touring the world in an eco-friendly way, to promote and encourage the development of a global culture of energy conservation and waste reduction.

A global adventure on an electric bicycle through 5 continents via two Olympic and a candidate city: Beijing, London and Madrid.

On 10th of May, two local bands OLIVER and 郝云乐队(Haoyun Beijing), plus two expatriates Dj’s, Oscar and Carlo, will let you taste Electric Bicycle World Tour athmosphere.


在五月十号,两只本土乐队OLIVER 和郝云乐队(Haoyun Beijing),将联合两位外籍DJ Oscar 和 Carlo, 让您感受到电动自行车环球之旅的氛围.

Official Website: http://www.electricbicycleworldtour.com

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