311 High Road, Kilburn, London NW6 7JR
London, England

From Eat Your Own Ears site:

ELECTRELANE play an intimate show at the The Luminaire on Wednesday 24th May as they deliver a live set where dirty guitar riffs, heavy bass-lines, clattering piano and a centred, building drum beat weave and climax in a thrilling nu-wave, garage-rock and krautrock-esq combined assault...

Their sound sails through and chops up many genres, atmospheres and textures. It finds itself in a kind of otherworldliness well above the confines of the pigeon- holed. It?s loud and quiet, aggressive and calming, menacing and sweet, slow paced yet frenzied. Above all it?s startlingly beautiful and unique.

Official Website: http://www.eatyourownears.com/events.php?event=63

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