119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Care for another serving EGGS?  After a winner of an EGGS a couple weeks ago with DMX Krew we have another triple dose of live acts for you to fulfill your musical appetite with. This time with a caberet flavor, we will wow the crowd from the stage based acts.  Look dapper as this will be one sophistaced hump day with dancing relief coming from our dandy DJs.

Vert (Sonig) - LIVE!
Freddy McGuire (with Wobbly) (Seeland) - LIVE!
Torsten Kretchzmar - LIVE!

DJs: Pickpocket of Donuts and EGGS resident Safety Scissors

More infos:

Vert (Sonig) - Cologne, Germany

I always thought it was the color green in French but when I met him in Israel last year he clarified that his moniker is in fact a reference to skateboarding and short for 'vertical'.  He's grown up a bunch since he selected that name and his wonky electronic music has sprouted vocals and elaborate jazz instrumentation.  He released 3 albums of instrumental electronic music on Mouse On Mars' label Sonig and then after a crippling studio burglary in 2004 re-emerged having transformed himself into a rusty showtune singer/songwriter and produced an album of skewed pop classics.  Welcome Adam Butler for his first gig in San Francisco, a place his eclectic music should feel at home at.

The Freddy McGuire Show (with Wobbly) (Seeland) - SF

First appearing on Negativland's KPFA radio show, Over The Edge, The Freddy McGuire Show features Anne McGuire with her absurd impromptu lounge lyrics and the warped musical accompaniement of Wobbly whose album Wild Why caused a stir when releaseed on Tigerbeat 6.  Exquisite existentialist mashed and muddled cabaret.

Torsten Kretchzmar - SF

A precision engineered performer whom many might compare to Sprocket's Dieter but in fact Torsten is a real live German living his synthesized dream here.  Torsten has released two DVDs which give his music concepts an entire experience.  Experience his German-ness for yourself at EGGS.  Hard boiled?  Maybe...but I think he has a warm and runny on the inside.

Dancing times between and after to the wise selections of Pickpocket of Donuts and EGGS resident DJ Safety Scissors

Elephant Princess (Evans) will fill up the room with magic light from her image beamers.

Wednesday, September 19th......$6
119 Utah St
SF, CA 94110

Official Website: http://www.eggseggs.com

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