119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Thomas Fehlmann Live! (Plug Research, Kompakt)

Thomas Fehlmann is revered by all electronic musicians. He's up there right up there after Brian Eno but in fact Mr. Eno even ackknowledges Thomas' work as he had Thomas curate a series for his label called Teutonic Beats in the late 80's. Many current electronic musicians spent a lot of their early listening days at raves in the early 90's where often the most interesting room was the chill out room. The biggest hits here in this haven was any music by The Orb. With Alex Patterson, Thomas created soundscapes and textures that entered and influenced the musical world of many human pulsating brains across North America and Europe.  The Orb was some of the first experimental music that made it to me when I was in high school in Minnesota.

At that time Fehlmann was deep in the techno world of a changing Berlin...he worked with labels like Tresor and artists such as Moritz Von Oswald (Maurizio). He produced remixes for Juan Atkins, Erasure, Einsürzende Neubatuen, Klaus Schulze. He has since produced solo records for R&S, the well known German techno label Kompakt and most recently his album Lowflow on Plug Research. In San Francisco he will play a live set of dance music on the amazing Mighty sound system.

Dntel DJ (Plug Research, Sub Pop)

Jimmy Tamborello has been producing his own brand of sweet sounding electronic music for quite some time as well as being involved in a collaborative electropop project called Figurine. Working with guests as he often does with Dntel, he established a bond with Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie which grew into its own project called Postal Service. The duo had surprising success with their album on Sub Pop which is now played and enjoyed in both clubs and offices worldwide. The extra attention has allowed Jimmy to do a few major remixes of mega artists like The Flaming Lips and even Madonna! He'll share some records of old influences as well as some music contemporaries he respects in his dj set at Mighty.

Safety Scissors DJ (~scape, Plug Research)

Plug Research released Safety Scissors' acclaimed debut album, Parts Water, in 2001 which featured some shy singing emerging from what was then a serious scene of minimal techno. He's come out of his shell more and more and his new release, Tainted Lunch, on ~scape records is just coming out now.

Lisa Light DJ (Interscope)

Lisa Light is part of The Lovemakers, a band getting wads of press recently and who recently released their album on the major label Interscope. Ms. Light acts as the selector for the side room, bringing rocking alternatives to the night's nerdy ensemble.

Actual Jakshun DJ (Incomplet)

Local prankster Will Fry mans the side room with Lisa to complete the party.

Plug Research has been an important label in the electronic underground for the past 10 years. Based in LA and run by Allen Avanessian it has constantly released a diverse range of innovative and groundbreaking new music.

September 30th
$5 (before midnight, $7 after)
10 pm- ??
Mighty 119 Utah St, SF

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tainted lunch? neat name. :)