119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103


A new club in San Francsco hosted by Safety Scissors and friends is hatching September 22, 9:00 at Mighty (119 Utah St, San Francisco) bringing you live electronic music and sideshow antics each month.

Safety Scissors  Live! + DJ (Proptronix, Plug Research, ~scape)

The first installment of EGGS is also the record release event for Tainted Lunch, Safety Scissors' new album on ~scape records. Safety Scissors has maximized minimal techno to create his own brand of dorky pop music and also runs the Kompakt distributed label Proptronix. Safety Scissors returns to the stage for a live set in San Francisco featuring live vocals, rubber bass and guests. After a few years in Berlin he is used to the nightlife there...help disprove his cynicism about San Francisco's electronic music scene!

My Robot Friend Live! (Proptronix)

Snatched straight from the concrete alleys of Manhattan, this renowned robot will shock and stimulate Eggs guests with his incendiary music enhanced by flames, blinking lights, and plastic snow. My Robot Friend's album Hot Action! (Proptronix) stayed on CMJ RPM's Top 10 electronic charts for multiple weeks. His unique songs are guaranteed electronic earworms backed up here with his titillating performance to be forever be burned into your brain.

Soft Pink Truth DJ (Tigerbeat 6, Soundslike)

Half of Matmos and on his own a Pepto Bismal colored crusader of spastic dance music, Drew Daniel will be acting as the vinyl selector of disco and punk jams for the beginning of the evening.

Akshual Jakshun DJ (Incomplet, Minus)

Local prankster William Fry freaks his beats for fun party times...warped techno, house and booty for you to freak back at.

Live! Video by Eggs resident video artist Evans Hankey who has performed abroad with her trusty microscope set and live animal collection.

Free haircuts! Live spooning!

Added by safetyscissors on September 14, 2005



were you serious about the free haircuts? i'm a bit shaggy (and willing to experiment)


yes. they might not necessarily be perfect haircuts but it should be something to remember.


I wanna know more about the rubber bass... is that like one of those dancing fish trophies they sold at walgreens a few years ago?