119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Mighty, 119 Utah St, SF
Wednesday, November 16th
Doors at 9:30 pm

The delta wave of EGGS will hit hard and is guaranteed to be a messy one. It will house under one roof both members of the beloved ex-duo Blectum From Blechdom; both Kevin Blechdom and Blevin Blectum will perform solo. Many Bay Area residents have fond memories of Blectum from Blechdom's legendary Haus d' Snaus events and have inumerable love for the girls' numberable performances. Both have gone on to become dynamic solo artists, each with a number of far-out releases in the last few years.

EGGS is also ecstatic to present the San Francisco introduction of a one woman audio-visual virtuoso along the lines of the Residents and Laurie Anderson - Planningtorock from Berlin.

And of course there will be no shortage of side show antics including but not limited to sideline butoh dancers, caricaturists, tasty drinks and fresh fruit.

Kevin Blechdom LIVE (Chicks On Speed Records, Tigerbeat 6)

She showed up once at my apartment in Berlin and didn't leave...she now has her own apartment in Berlin and has not returned to San Francisco since she made that fateful trip three ago. It works well for her as her second full length for Chicks On Speed Records (owned and run by those of which it is a namesake of) "Eat My Heart Out" has created some extreme reactions in Europe. Much like a musical theater piece, the album is a wild ride through her emotional narrative, her mouth always open, singing and hitting strange notes as the roller coaster takes the corners at high speeds and plunges. Continuing the theme, Kevin is known to deliver a powerful live show - she invites the audience into her musical amusement park stage show world filled with crazy attractions, gymnastics, and, ahem, items and parts not usually seen at San Francisco music events. Kevin is one of the most exciting and riskiest performers of the day, imbuing her music and live acts with emotional rawness, banjo-playing, and typically a healthy dose of bawdy toilet humor.

EGGS will order Kevin to serve up her best good and messy fun.


Blevin Blectum LIVE (Deluxe, Praemedia)

At the most recent San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, Blevin Blectum's cardboard horse costume and shredding sounds shook up those graying leather-elbow-patched-tweed-jacketed goons. The brainy but drunken sounding set was the perfect contrast for this setting. As exhibited here, she continues to takes risks in her music as does her former cohort Kevin, but of a much different kind. Blevin is a brilliant musician and DJ, mixing classic techno tunes with other directions ranging from ambient Dr. Who drones to drill-n-bass mayhem. Her latest album "Magic Maple" on Praemedia, dubbed 'a prog-rock fantasy gone horribly awry', received praise for her masterful synthesis of melodies and glitches. Other projects have included her D84 alias on Pthalo and her being 1/3rd of Sagan who released an amazing cd/dvd on Matmos' Vague Terrain.

Blevin will be treating the EGGS audience to delectable treats with her diced, doughy, candied audio casserole.


Planningtorock LIVE (Rostron Records)

EGGS proudly presents the SF introduction of Janine Rostron (Berlin/GB), a musician and video mistress masteress whose unique solo show is getting attention throughout Europe and soon the US. Described as freak rock pop opera with customised hip hop attitude, PTR´s music has its own undeniable signature sound with mood, passions, and color. Her pizzicato bass styles pulsate like a runaway train, carrying onboard a eccentric mix of slamming timpani beats, possessed synths and giant walls of harmonies that rock the dancefloor with pure feeling! The show is sure to delight San Francisco fans of the Residents, as Planningtorock's exaggerated musical expressions and visual oddities she procures are very in line with their early work. Also described as "The crazy love child of Kate Bush and Ozzy Osbourne," PTR knows exactly how to draw us into her world onstage. Filled with bizzare make-believe characters that strut behind her on video screen, PTR unleashes her wild and highly charged vocals from underneath homemade helmets and self-styled props.......taking us willingly and ever deeper into the extraordinary world of Planningtorock.


Wobbly DJ (Tigerbeat 6)

His bedroom is more of a music library than anything else. If an earthquake were to hit San Francisco, it would take awhile to dig Jon Leidecker out of the sea of compact discs and records he would be buried under. His own productions bounce rapidly from cut up techno and hip hop to 20th century compositions, displaying his wide inventory of influences. His DJ set is sure to get the San Francisco booties shaking with his diverse collection and obscure selections. People are still going through card catalogues to decipher out the songs he played for the Björk concert afterparty.


Safety Scissors DJ (~scape, Plug Research)

Resident EGGS maker and techno-pop weirdo fills out any inactivity from the garish gang of guests with pre-recorded tunes for listening and dancing enjoyment. Freaky disco, booty breaks, electronic music from the 50's and 60's, and maybe even a bit of good 'ol classic techno might be heard.


+Special appearances from guests like Soft Pink Truth
+Video Antics by resident EGGS optician Evans Hankey
+Amazing Palermo Brothers' again running the side show extravaganza (caricatures, self taught reflexology and fruit at previous EGGS)
+One of the performer's birthday will be celebrated at EGGS


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