119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

EGGS - Stinko de Mayo!

Frivolous- LIVE
Strategy- DJ
Sutekh- LIVE
Cows For Tuttle- LIVE

with drag devants: Downey, Hoku Mama Swamp, Glamamore
and resident DJ Safety Scissors

Mighty, 119 Utah St, SF
Thursday, May 4
$6, 10-2, 21 +

Again an EGGS...From whole, smooth and perfect to broken and messy, EGGS provides an unmatched scope of electronic music and other sundry performances. Sure, we might scare away a few of the serious techno kids but we really are serious about the quality of new and challenging acts we are presenting. Possibly the most diverse EGGS lineup ever, this Stinko De Mayo party will send all your senses spinning with delight (we promise there will not be any rotten smells this time). Our guests Frivolous and Strategy will provide solid electronic entertainment and additionally expect a tuba, musical saw, some piano caberet, retarded drag and maybe even some body shots. Stink it up!

Frivolous- (Karloff, Proptronix, Background - Montreal)

Frivlous's live set is not something to miss with tricks up his sleeve like his electric knife, his broken ruler music box, his telephone microphone and his ever present trademark rose. Classic instruments, home-made inventions and vocals are incorporated into his techno/house which experiments with glitchy cut-up funk, musique actuelle and found sound. Daniel Gardnder's album Somewhere In The Suburbs on Karloff showcases his soulful side balanced with the surreal and singles on Karloff and Background prove his dance floor persuasions. His performance is perfectly suited for moving yet there is plenty to watch. With many European festivals and gigs in his past, welcome Frivolous for his San Francisco debut.


Strategy (aka DJ P. Disco) - (Kranky, Orac, Community Library - Portland)

Paul Dickow is a leader in the Cascadian resistance as well as an important fixture in the Portland electronic music scene with a slew of wide ranging projects from his abstract ambient dub on Kranky to his techno and disco house on various 12"s. His recent remix of the Juan McClean for DFA with an old school house flavor and his remix of The Blow on Holocene's new label got Paul on a bunch of new music maps since he is constantly exploring new ground. He plays well with others as part of the band Nudge (Tigerbeat 6, Outward Music Company) and runs his own label Community Library to support others (such as locals Eats Tapes). If that's not enough, his ability to have long and intense conversations about rare and strange records should be proof his DJ set will keep your ears' attention.


Sutekh (aka Magic Fingers) - (Leaf, Context - SF)

Budding pianist and old time electronic music survivor, local homefry Seth Horvitz will show two sides on this special evening. As I write this text I can hear him tickling the ivories in the basement yet often he is upstairs working with electronic kick drums that shake the house. Catch a few magic tunes on the digital piano early on in the evening and hear his spooky Sutekh sounds from his laptop later. Whether you are dancing or humming along you will be amused and amazed at this EGGS patriot and now performer.


Cows For Tuttle-

Tuba, singing saw, accordian and an operatic voice and more. Come close to the stage and early in the night to catch this wild ride.

Downey, Hoku Mama and Glamamore bring you some sensational snacks which are what? Too controversial for Tranny Shack?!

Resident Safety Scissors provides support for high and low impact sports.

Official Website: http://www.eggseggs.com

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