119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103


Thursday, March 23, 10 pm - ?, $5

Apparat - Berlin (Shitkatapult, BpitchControl)
Copy - Portland (Audio Dregs)
Atole - Portland (Chinga Tu)

Two EGGS in one month can't hurt your cholesterol. Come gab about the Thomas Dolby show a fortnight after it happened. See music from directly north of San Francisco and from north and across the world with the three (!) electronic music acts we have performing this night. Celebrate EGGness and electronic music and don't forget to take Friday off (we can go after 2:00 am if you stay late)!

Also, bonus performances from Downey, Hoku Mama Swamp and Glamamour!!!!!

Apparat - Berlin (Shitkatapult, BpitchControl)

Come hear a new and improved apparatus to make your life better with its flexible functions and eclectic sound. Sensitive orchestrations on recordings can tear your heart apart while his live performances can really kick your ass.  Sascha Ring, aka Apparat, moved out of the east German provincial backwater to Berlin where he runs, together with T.Raumschmiere, the Berlin based record label "Shitkatapult" - a venturous music catapult that throws wild music onto turntables worldwide. His own output is often dense and majestic electronic pop. Techno, IDM and Electro often are mentioned but his sound is unique, especially when his drippy emotions mix with his rave-a-delic memories for his live performances for dance-floors.  He can also proudly refer to a John-Peel-Session and is sporadically working with Gianna Nannini on a Rock Opera. "Orchestra Of Bubbles", the new album which is a collaboration between Sascha and Ellen Allien is out in April on Ellen's label, BPitchcontrol.


Copy - Portland (Audio Dregs)

Portland, Oregon?s Marius Libman, otherwise known as Copy, busts through the gates with a fully developed and essential sound on his debut LP, Mobius Beard. Combining dense harmonies, delivered in an 8- bit baroque electro style somewhere between Yellow Magic Orchestra and Ratatat, with snap-tight digital beats reminiscent of Dabrye, Copy has created an emotionally affecting sound that doesn?t neglect the dance floor. On Mobius Beard, fuzzy bass synths ride syncopated drum patterns, jump-cutting into ambient spaces and cresting in victorious melodic themes. The result is a crossover work of electronic pop that will appeal to both hardcore sound boys / IDM nerds and the casual listening masses.
A product of the 80?s, video game music featured heavily in Libman?s musical development, as did his father?s favorite albums, Pet Sounds and Kind of Blue. At age 13 he started playing in punk bands, moving through math rock and improv metal before discovering electronic music, which in turn led to the jazz fusion of Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. In the midst of this musical amalgamation, Libman developed a parallel obsession with the deceptively simple sounds of studio pop, Italo disco, hip-hop, and electro, which soon found him dropping excellent party sets under the alias DJ Copy. Meanwhile, countless hours were spent honing his production craft, mingling the lush pop of Tears for Fears, OMD, Dr. Dre, Yaz, Pinback and Giorgio Moroder with the musical intricacy of Aphex Twin and Coltrane. It?s this balance that informs Copy?s debut: get lost in melodic contemplation or bounce, pump a fist, and strain your neck to the beat ? Mobius Beard does both.

SFBG review of Mobius Beard:



Atole, pronounced Awe-Toe-Lay, is a Latin-American sweet, warm and ambiguous corn-based food that Manny Reyes grew up eating (rather than Gerber or oatmeal).  His upbringing in Las Vegas taught him lots about trash, what to keep and what to treasure, and his flaming but drama free personality now can be found in Portland, Oregon and on his idiosyncratic records. "Quincero" is his second full length album which is an experimental Spanish pop album about queer latin heartbreak and with Copy he has produced and is self releasing "Kick the Diva Down the Stairs" which features Manny's unique falsetto singing on Spanglish electro covers of Grace Jones, Madonna, Ricky Martin, and Peaches. Mr. Reyes is a proud art school dropout who has been mopping up the Portland electronic scene for years. Making music since 1997 he has released on States Rights Records, Deathbomb Arc and his own Chinga Tu imprint.

"...performance art-heavy boombox bombast..."
- Zach Pennington, Portland Mercury, 12/30/04

Resident DJ:
Actual Jakshun

Winner of "Best and Biggest Beard on a DJ" award for 2005, Will Fry never fails the dance floor with his classic house and techno jams. Let him lay it down for your legs at this EGGS.

(Tune in May 4 for Frivolous, DJ Strategy from Portland and a special performance from our own Sutekh.)

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