119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

EGGS and Mighty proudly present electronic music legend...
Thomas Dolby

...also performing
Bochum Welt (Rephlex)

and resident DJ Safety Scissors

Thursday, March 9
9pm-2, 21+
$12 at the door, $10 super tickets available at www.mighty119.com

Thomas Dolby
Peering from the past over those little round sunglasses adorned with his beret is icon of 80's synth pop Thomas Dolby. However, when we listen to his creations today the new sounds, multimedia interests and combination of absurdity with emotive songwriting in the music make them hold their ground. Thomas Morgan Robertson got his Dolby nickname after the audiophile technology company as he tinkered with electronics building synthesizers and experimented with computer programs. He was a mad scientist of early '80s new wave music who gained massive recognition for his hits "She Blinded Me With Science" and "Hyperactive" but also hides in the songwriting credits for hits such as Lene Lovich's "New Toy." Busying himself with extracurricular music activities like playing synths for Def Leppard and producing work for George Clinton and Joni Mitchell his repertoire is vast. A short list of people he has worked with includes Herbie Hancock, Howard Jones, Stevie Wonder and Dusty Springfield. Three full length albums along with scores of film scores (like Howard The Duck) decorate his past not to mention the new media projects he has been working on more recently. Welcome him back to the stage at this special night after his very long break from solo performance.


Bochum Welt (Rephlex, Sony Music Japan)

Supporting Mr. Dolby is Italian electronic music wizard Gianluigi di Costanzo. His laptop set will bring high scores mixing modern music with classic arcade game aesthetics...the kind back from when computers had more aspirations of becoming human. Gianluigi's playful melodies really do give evidence of machines having emotions. Richard D. James and Grant Wilson's cult label Rephlex picked up Bochum Welt's efforts from the beginning, mutually supporting their drive to release unique sounds into the world. Paralleling Dolby's path into soundtracks he created the score for the videogame "Pacmac Deluxe". He has opened for Aphex Twin on multiple Rephlex tours and now will warm the stage for Mr. Dolby, whom he has also collaborated on different interactive audio projects in the recent past. IDM nerds rejoice for Bochum Welt.


Resident DJ
Safety Scissors (~scape, Proptronix)

Local klang konfektioner fills up the cracks with his special frosting for ears. His eclectic DJ sets bring together trainspotters and dancers with selections from brand spankin' new techno and house to rare italo disco and obscure pop from yesteryear.

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oooh.... i should dig out my vhs tape of the complete videos of thomas dolby....