South of Grierson Hill between 95 St & 99 St
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: (780) 493-8158

Imagine the scene youve been practicing for months, it all comes down to this. Six dragons boats spread out across the river, 22 people in each dragon boat, on the water, all waiting for the sound of the horn, all wanting to be first to cross the finish line some 400 meters away.

The horn sounds and a flurry of activity starts. The drummers start pounding on the drums. The splash of paddles hitting water. The boats seem to jump out of the water. Paddlers desperately trying to concentrate on their stroke to pull ahead and win the race.

A 2,000 year-old Chinese tradition of dragon boat racing capturing the attention of international sporting scenes and embraced by millions world-wide. Make this fantastic outdoor festival in Edmonton your tool to raise your companys profile. With a track record of attracting over 5,000 spectators, 1,500 participants and guaranteed media coverage with unforgettable sights and sounds.

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