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Robert Mclay: SME Server

Live demo of SME Server, with some background.

"SME" stand for Small to Medium Enterprise, and this is the target market of the OS. Think of it as a Linux sheep in Windows clothing, with a level of integration closer to what is expected in Windows than Linux. This is aimed at being a drop-in replacement for a traditional Linux server for < = 500 user LANs. Rab's trusty WRT54G may also make another appearance in a supporting role.

SME Server is a Linux distro used as web, file, email and database servers. Based on CentOS, SME's main goals are simplicity, reliability, & security. All configuration is done through the web front-end, or an SSH connection.

(break for coffee)

Alastair Bennett: Open Source Hardware

Over the last decade the Open Source concept has been paralleled in hardware. Not as much and not as fast, but with visible success. Skipping the boring definitions, I will briefly run through three projects that to illustrate what is available today:

* RepRap 3D printer
* OpenMoko mobile phones
* Ardunio microcontroller board

For a grand finale I will do a demo of an Ardunio board doing something, at the very least being waved around by me.

Official Website: http://www.scotlug.org.uk/wiki/EdLUG:2008-06-05

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