1290 Sutter St
San Francisco, California 9412

Tue. April 16th (1st & 3rd Tuesdays), 7pm-10:30pm

NEW Ecstatic Dance San Francisco- 1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 7pm - 10:30pm

Ecstatic Dance is Free-form Conscious Dance. That means it is a safe space to express yourself however you want to move to the music, without facilitation. To enhance this experience of movement, there is no talking on the dance-floor, nor are cameras allowed, so you can feel fully free and alive in your dance.
Being Barefoot is also encouraged to feel more connected to the ground.

This is a Sacred Space where you are invited to come as you are, however that is; without the use of alcohol or recreational drugs. You may find yourself Dancing in your Bliss... or Dancing your Grief... Perhaps with your Joy, your Sorrow... Your Anger, Your Silliness... Your Sexiness... All of it... This is Your Dance Space.

For some this is Movement Church. it's a Chance to Connect with Others, or simply to Find Oneself. For some it is simply great Exercise, and others it is their Psycho/Somatic Therapy.

We will not tell you What to do, or How to Be, as You Experience your Dance as you Wish... You are Free...

Official Website: http://www.EcstaticDance.org/SF

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