1120 SW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

The City of Portland is offering a series of free technical workshops on
ecoroof structure, design, construction and permitting.

All seminars will be held in the Portland Building's 2nd floor auditorium.

The seminars are free. Advance registration is required. Seminar
participants receive certificates of completion and may be eligible to
receive city funding to support ecoroof construction.
Call 823-502-7213 or email [email protected].

See the full schedule below.

Ecoroofs: Latest Data, Information and Resources
Tuesday, April 29

Ecoroofs: Structure and Design
Tuesday, May 6

Ecoroofs: Membrane and Waterproofing
Tuesday, May 13

Ecoroofs: Plants, Growing Media, and Irrigation
Wednesday, May 21

Ecoroofs: Permitting, Construction, and Operation and Maintenance
Wednesday, June 4

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