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Host: The Heritage Foundation. Professor Brian Domitrovic has written the first comprehensive history of how a few economists and journalists—who believed deeply in lower taxes and a stable money supply—translated their ideas into the public policy and launched the supply-side policy revolution. In so doing, they reversed the disastrous 1970’s trends of ever higher taxes and runaway inflation. Dr. Domitrovic’s book answers the many revisionist histories of Supply-Side Economics which appear in the media and in college text books. The facts are clear: If the naïve and misguided economic policies during the Nixon, Ford, and Carter years had continued, the United States would have experienced a second and worse great depression. It is from this dangerous fate, at the height of the Cold War, that the supply-siders stepped in and averted catastrophe. Econoclasts is a thoughtful, accurate telling of this important part of U.S. history. Join us for an enlightening discussion of this ground breaking publication.

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