992 Valencia Street @ 21st
San Francisco, California 94110

Rick and Megan Shaw Prelinger propose a new model for understanding the importance of grassroots collecting and conserving in their multimedia performative essay. Through evocative photos, smart text-graphics, and an intricate double-helix spoken-word duet, the pair advances an urgent argument at this crucial juncture between analog and digital modes.

ALSO advocating for a vernacular cultural stewardship, Stephen Parr of the SF Media Archive tips his hat to Raleigh's A/V Geeks and Pittsburgh's Orgone Archives in sharing a couple of clips from the new Home Movie Day album, consummated by the 1961 San Francisco in Cinemascope.

& PLUS Sarah Christman's Dear Bill Gates, Scott Calonico's Mondo Intro (exc.), and a section from Prelinger's Panorama Ephemera, re-tracked by Gino Robair. Bring in your old books for pre-show potlatch, and expect to take some “new” old ones home with you!

Official Website: http://www.othercinema.com

Added by footage on November 8, 2007