VCEC: 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
vancouver, British Columbia v5h2r4

The 8th Biennial Conference of the Canadian Society for Ecological Economics (CANSEE) will explore how ecological economics can build prosperity for a sustainable society. This conference will illustrate the importance of a transdisciplinary approach. Ecological economics employs a holistic vision for human progress in which the limits compelled by ecosystem carrying capacity as well as vital common societal values are taken into account. Through application to local, regional and global issues, new paradigms and tools emerging from research in, and practice of, ecological economics will be presented and will illustrate the contribution this approach can make in forging genuine solutions for moving towards a sustainable society.

Prominent among the themes to be developed at the conference will be exploring policy options for reducing our adverse impact on the global climate. What can we expect from carbon taxes, from carbon trading under cap-and-trade schemes, from mandatory product standards and from regional and international agreement initiatives?

Related issues, such as innovative and sustainable ways to address the emerging energy crisis and food supply and security issues will also be looked at, as well as several other interrelated themes.
The big question in common is: How do we make progress in developing equilibrium between human and ecosystem needs, and between the needs of individuals and those of the communities in which they live?

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