1111 California Street
San Francisco, California 94108

The Ecocity World Summit will address the ecological city, town
and village from the perspectives of people, nature, sustainable
development, economies and technologies, and incentives and
support structures.

Join together with an international community of inspired
change-makers who are putting their time and talents to work
addressing crucial problems of the world's environment with
thoughtful and long-range solutions that are truly sustainable,
ecologically healthy and socially just.

The time to act is now. Life-threatening global environmental
problems and limitations on resource consumption demand a
restructuring of cities and transportation systems worldwide for
long-term energy efficiency and conservation. Concerned
citizens in every community - in every city, town and village -
must get involved in formulating and implementing new land
use and transportation policies and practices, preserving
agricultural lands and open space, and reclaiming natural

Enquiries: [email protected]

Official Website: http://ecocityworldsummit.org

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