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The STIR Lectures continue
Tuesday 24 June: 18.30 at Imperial College, Exhibition Road, followed by a drinks reception

Eco-Cities, Entrepreneurship and the Zero Emission Challenge

Alejandro Gutierrez: Design Leader for Eco-Cities, Arup
Nick Leon: Director, Design London
Moderated by Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News Chief Technology Correspondent

Entrepreneurship will be as much a feature of the ecology of cities as environmental engineering; the challenge for a new 'sustainable' urban environment is to truly become cities… otherwise their residents will leave their carbon fingerprints at their workplace in someone else's city.

In this lecture we will discuss developments in truly sustainable cities from two distinct viewpoints. You will hear first from Alejandro Gutierrez who is leading the master planning of four major eco-cities across China and other international projects. And then from Nick Leon, Director, Design London and founding member of Ecocit, the international eco-cities research network. The evening is moderated by Rory Cellan Jones, Chief Technology Correspondent for the BBC News.

Alejandro Gutierrez is a world leading architect and urban designer working for Arup as an associate director for their Integrated Urbanism team. He has been the design leader on four city expansion projects in China, a waterfront regeneration project in Italy and Denmark, and one regional framework in the UK. He was also the design leader for Dongtan, an 84km² new eco-city in the Shanghai Region – a city the size of Manhattan that will set the pattern of future urban development around the world.

Dongtan is the first and leading example of an eco-city conceived as a fully integrated urban environment. The development represents the turning point in China's frenetic urban growth, incorporating all of the economic, social and environmental principles that combine to reduce the impact on the natural environment and provide a model for future development across China and East Asia. Dongtan will be an exemplar of a post-industrial and sustainable city of the highest quality.

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