575 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

EclipseWorld? is the industry's first independent conference for enterprise software developers, architects and development managers using Eclipse tools and technologies.

By attending EclipseWorld, you and your team will...

* Learn how to save money and improve developer productivity with Eclipse?
* Improve team collaboration using Eclipse-based toolsets
* Go beyond the IDE to understand the wide range of Eclipse technologies
* Get deep inside Eclipse's open-source architecture
* Discover the best, most effective Eclipse add-ins and plug-ins
* Master techniques for building high quality, more secure software

Are you ready for Eclipse? Whether you're an Eclipse expert, just getting started with the platform, or trying to decide if Eclipse is right for your development team, EclipseWorld is the #1 educational event that you should attend this year.

EclipseWorld 2005 Exceeds Expectations; Next Year's Dates Set

The open-source Eclipse platform has taken the developer world by storm -- and thousands of organizations, and tens of thousands of developers, are already seeing tremendous productivity benefits from using the integrated development environment, test/QA tools, collaboration features and other aspects of the ever-growing Eclipse ecosystem.

The code is ready for download. And our world-class faculty is ready to teach you and your developers how to become Eclipse masters.

EclipseWorld offers a wide variety of classes. Newcomers will learn the basics of using Eclipse to build C/C++ and Java applications for Linux, Windows and other operating systems. We'll cover the unique open-source licenses and organization behind Eclipse, and dive deep into the software architecture.

You'll learn about the wide range of Eclipse projects that you can use today, such as the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools, Aspect Oriented Programming, the Rich Client Platform, and much more. You'll learn about software modeling, collaboration, testing/quality assurance, Web development, build manager, software deployment and other essential topics.


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