70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

I'm totally excited about this one! Just got a call that Eclectic Method - The live video mashup crew that has been crushing the UK - is flying into town and wants to play. So what do we do? We set you up with a chance to see the FOR FREE over at Galapagos tonight! From Hip Hop to Brit Pop and all assorted dance floor bangers in between, these guys take things to a whole other level on 2 projects, 2 turtables and 4 DVDJs. They cut and scratch the hottest music videos like vinyl. This one is not to be missed as the boys will not be back in town for some time. Check out the on the site and don't sleep on this one!

From your friends at FreeNYC

Official Website: http://www.freenyc.net/archives/2007/03/eclectic_method.php

Added by FreeNYC on March 1, 2007