First Street S.E. and Independence Avenue S.E.
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20003

El Possible related event:: Mon July 25 at LOC:

Association of Recorded Sound Collections - Metropolitan Washington DC Chapter presents:

Eclectic Electrics: Singing Plants, Crumpled Paper, & the Art of Phonography

An evening of discussions, recording playback, and performance with talks by Jeff Bagato and JS Adams, recordings by Stereofernic Orchidstra and John Cage, as well as Mutoscope 'Voice-o-Graph' acetates. Live performances by Croniamantal and BLK w/ BEAR.


Jeff Bagato--"Herb 'n' Electrics: Stereofernic Orchidstra Gives Voice to the Vegetable Kingdom"

In 1974, Washington, DC saw the birth of one of the world's most unusual electronic music groups, the Stereofernic Orchidstra, a choir of plants triggering an ARP-2600 synthesizer with the assistance of American University physics student Norman Lederman. The Orchidstra performed at least one live concert and recorded a seven-inch single of their music. Jeff Bagato will recount the history of the Stereofernic Orchidstra and play the recording. Recordings of extramusical sound by John Cage and others will be played.

JS Adams--"Mutoscope arcade recordings as contemporary compositional fodder" The lead architect of BLK w/ BEAR's towering drone science discusses his sound sources and methodology in anticipation of his live performance.


Croniamantal--Combining the talents of DC-based poet Buck Downs and free improvisors on theremin, analog electronics, strings, and keyboards from groups like Angus Brainpan, 10-String Trio, and Spaceships Panic Orbit.

BLK w/ BEAR--Internationally reknown sound artist performs a new composition "like nails through the ether" with assist from Doug Poplin, cello + effects. The performance will utilize vintage Mutoscope Voice-o-Graph recordings and also build on selections from "wish for a world without hurt" [ Rothko + BLK w/ BEAR, Trace Recordings UK, 2003]

7 pm, Monday July 25
Pickford Theater
3rd Floor, Madison Building
Library of Congress
First & Independence Avenue SE
Washington DC


Under his sound art pseudonym, BLK w/ BEAR, Washington DC-based artisan JS Adams has created both temporal turntable installations and laptop compositions utilizing forced looping technique of altered vinyl recordings along with 'dead media' recording sources such as Mutoscope 'Voice-o-Graph' and Wilcox Gay 'Recordio' discs. All Music Guide said: "His creations use everything from dissonance to ambient sounds to offer towering, constantly unfolding terrains of sonic inquiry." Releases on Trace Recordings UK and Kuma-Chan Records, SF CA.

Jeff Bagato is a writer and musician who organizes the Electric Possible concert series for experimental music at George Washington University, and performs with Tone Ghosting and Spaceships Panic Orbit [more info at]. His new book, Mondo DC: An Insider's Guide to Washington, DC's Most Unusual Tourist Attractions, is available now through and Amazon.

Norman Lederman is an audio visionary who introduced the world to the Stereofernic Orchidstra. He designed and built an analog tape-based sampling instrument called the Minitron, which he played with the DC-based progressive rock band Bazilisk in the late 70s. He currently designs audio systems for the deaf with his own company, Oval Window Audio [].

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