6601 Shellmound St
Emeryville, California CA

Web Development/ Web 2.0 SIG: "Ruby On Rails"

Dive into Ruby on Rails, here's your chance! Jon Seidel has some great tips to get you started. Come see what it's like to get up to your elbows in this high-profile web development framework. Jon will share his experiences from basic, ground-zero stuff with Ruby and Rails, pointing out some, learning curves, pitfalls and pleasures involved with that effort to navigate you to success.

Learn how to get started with Ruby on Rails... quickly & easily
Create a simple application in 30 minutes
Apply AJAX to your website
Learn how ActiveRecord simplifies your life as a developer
If there's time, see how Rails supports the RESTful approach

About East Bay I.T. Group (eBig):
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Free for members, $10 pre-reg, $15 at the door.

Official Website: http://www.ebig.org/sig/sig.aspx?SIGid=18&EventID=857&old=&eventdesc=full

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This has changed to July 23 - sorry for the late notice!