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"Inside the Mind of the VC: What Keeps Them Up At Night?"

Attracting equity investors is a selling process: instead of selling your product, you're selling an investment in your company. To sell effectively, you need to understand your buyer's needs: the needs of the Venture Capitalist. Unfortunately, when at last you have the chance to meet with them, you won't have time to ask, "So, what keeps you up at night?" Come to our meeting instead.

Our March "second Monday" meeting at the EBIG Venture Capital SIG, we'll get inside the minds of some of the top venture capitalists to learn more about the venture business. You'll learn where their money comes from, expectations they create with their investors, the dynamics between the size of their funds and funding for your company, the pressures VC's are under, and the essentials every entrepreneur should know before approaching a VC for funding.

Then we'll relate their needs to your needs, covering topics like:

* "What do VC's need to see in deals they fund?"
* "What milestones does my company need to before it makes sense to meet?"
* "What kinds of businesses get funded?"
* "Why will some VC's not invest less than $5-10M?"
* "Do I need an MBA from an Ivy League school, or have run a division at GE, to get funded?"
* "How can an entrepreneur get VC's attention, a meeting, and funding?"

As always, we'll also take your questions in what will prove to be an exciting and dynamic conversation.

Our panel will consist of representatives from the venture capital community.
-Peter Solvik, Sigma Partners and former CIO of Cisco
-Rich Redelfs, Venture Partner, Foundation Capital, former President and CEO of Atheros Communications
-Bruce Bauer, co-founder of Newbury Ventures

$10 pre-registered by Mar 11, $15 through Mar 13 at noon, $20 at the door.

Website: http://www.ebig.org/sig/sig.aspx?SIGid=23&old=&eventdesc=full
Email: [email protected]

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