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Start-Ups/VCs SIG "Crafting the Financial Roadmap of Your Startup"

As you launch your startup, you must steer it on the financial path to success. To do so, you need to develop an effective financial roadmap and thoroughly understand how it will unfold over the next 5 years. This roadmap should provide you with a clear vision of your objectives and milestones to a) help you decide whether your project is financially feasible, b) set a common direction for your management team, and c) enable investors and lenders to assess the desirability of funding your venture.

Presented by Anthony Nassar of Venture Momentum, Inc., this technical workshop is designed for startup entrepreneurs who are in the process of developing their business plan and seeking angel and/or VC funding. In this workshop, we will use a case study to illustrate how to build a 5 year financial plan step-by-step. You will learn:

-a systematic methodology for developing a robust financial plan
-how to build a credible revenue model
-rules for building a flexible expense model
-techniques for preserving scalability and data integrity as you make subsequent updates to the plan
-ways to validate your model using publicly available data
-how to project the ownership of the founders, employees, and investors
-how to derive valuation data from the financial plan
-how to debug your financial planning spreadsheet.

You will also receive a printout of the financial model.
$10 pre-registered, $20 at the door.

Official Website: http://www.ebig.org/sig/sig.aspx?SIGid=23&EventID=815&old=&eventdesc=full

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