1999 Harrison St., Suite 1100
Oakland, California 94612

Ron Lichty and Mark Friedman will lead an open discussion for software engineering managers, project managers, technology leaders, business architects, software architects and others, focused on what we have all experienced over the past year - both the good and the bad -- and the lessons we learned along the way. The goal of this session is to collectively answer questions such as:

* What software trends do we see emerging? What software development trends appear to be emerging along with them?
* What software development practices did people use last year that were effective and why? What practices were ineffective? What tools did people find useful (or not)?
* What new technologies emerged that we should all be aware of? Which ones were the most disruptive? What new technologies should we brace for in 2009?
* What significant high-tech business events (e.g., mergers and acquisitions) had the biggest impact on the software development profession? What, if anything, does it mean for 2009?

In 2009, we can help each other grow professionally in the software development field and in our careers. Please join us for this discussion and invite your friends and colleagues.

Bring your own thinking about what you learned this year -- what worked, what failed (or came up short), what changed, what emerged -- and what you see looming on the horizon for 2009. Trends, practices, technologies, tools.

And as always, your experiences and feedback will help us set the priorities for the EBIG Best Practices SIG so that it can better serve you, the software development community.

Pay at the door by cash or check -- Free for eBig Members, Guests $10.

Official Website: http://www.ebig.org

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