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Dynamic Delegation: the art of giving your work away

Ric Lobosco, founder of Allies Consulting, & co-founder of the International Association of Personal and Professional Coaches

* Do you avoid or stress about delegating because the results fall short of your needs?
* Are you missing targets and opportunities because delegated jobs aren't getting done right?
* Would you delegate more, if you knew you'd get what you wanted?

Effective delegation is a critical core competency for 21st Century managers and business owners who are spread ever more thinly, expected to do more with less, and expected to boost profits and productivity.

Advance your career, foster a team of committed collaborators, decrease stress, dependably increase results, eliminate breakdowns, and free yourself to focus on the truly important aspects of your job.

Whether you manage employees, volunteers, vendors, or subcontractors, this presentation is for you!

Topics to be Covered: This highly interactive workshop will provide you with proven tools and expertise drawn from decades of experience and a team of accomplished managers. You'll learn to:
* determine which tasks to delegate
* choose the right person for the job
* structure the task so both of you are assured of a successful outcome
* practice competency with new distinctions, preparing you to apply them immediately

Free for eBig Members; $10 pre-registered non-members.

Official Website: http://www.ebig.org/sig/sig.aspx?SIGid=38&EventID=892&old=

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