800 Soule Blvd.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103

WHAT: Invasive plant removal in order to protect the native biodiversity and beauty of Eberwhite Woods. Snacks and drinks (feel free to bring something to share.) Meet other great people. Learn to identify invasive plants so you can keep them out of other natural areas and your own yard. And best of all: a beautiful woodland carpeted in wildflowers!

WHO: You, silly! And your family. And all your friends. Our goal is to get at least 100 people out to make this our most effective workday ever and finally get the invasives under control after almost ten years of holding them off through the intense labor of a small group of dedicated volunteers.

WHERE: We'll meet at the west parking lot of Eberwhite School, which is at the south end of Soule Blvd., off Liberty St. If you arrive late, we'll be focusing on an area in the northwest corner of the woods, near Liberty.

WHEN: Saturday, May 7, from 9am to noon, rain or shine. We'll be there for three hours (maybe more!), but you you can join us for any part of the time if you have another commitment or if you just can't stand pulling weeds for that long. Help us get rid of them this year and you may never have to do it again!

HOW: With your hands. Garlic mustard and other herbaceous invasive plants are easy to pull, but the work does require bending, squatting, sitting, and/or kneeling. Eberwhite students have been pulling them for years--you can handle it. Gloves are not required. If desired, tight-fitting ones work best. Long pants and sleeves are recommended. (Branches and briars can scratch.) Comfortable shoes are fine as are work or hiking boots. A hat with a brim or bill (like a baseball cap) will help keep branches out of eyes.

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