928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

For a year now the OurPDX blog has pointed readers to the best and worst Portland has to offer online and off, engaged in transparent discussions about culture and post content, and sought to inform and entertain the fine citizens of Portland, Oregon. You might know the names of some of the authors of OurPDX from the Beer and Blog community: @morganPDX, @ahockley, @CamiKaos, @Dieselboi, @abrahamhyatt, @betsywhim. Any of those ring a bell? How about @mediaChick? Yep, I write there too. But not as often as I should, I'm afraid, but I do proudly call myself an OurPDX author.

Or...maybe you don't know them. Or me. If that's the case then here's your chance, because this Friday Beer and Blog is thrilled to host the 1st birthday party of OurPDX, Portland's awesome group blog authored by 23 writers who pour their honest insights about our fair city onto the Web.

Come celebrate OurPDX's first year with cake on the patio of the Green Dragon (hopefully...rain, rain, will stay away) starting at 4pm. In fact, if the weather does cooperate, Beer and Blog will bust out the summer gear for playful fun. That means we might get to frolic in the kiddie pool, my beer and bloggie pals. Awww-yeah. Here's hoping @portlandsun hangs around because, personally, I want my cake (on the patio) and to eat it (water pistols) too!

Also, later that night, tune into a special Strange Love Live broadcast, hosted @CamiKaos and @docnormal, with as many OurPDX authors who can stay up that late. Signature SLL tiki rum drinks will be served to the writers to get them sufficiently liquored up in the hopes they'll say embarrassing things for everyone's amusement. I'll be there, trying to remember that the show is, indeed, broadcasting accross the Interverse, and is, indeed, being taped for prosperity and posting later. As in inrefrutable evidence of one's drunken, public confessions.

On behalf of Beer and Blog and OurPDX, we hope you'll join us this Friday. Won't be the same without you!

Official Website: http://portland.beerandblog.com

Added by mediaChick on June 23, 2009