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Central & Eastern Europe is a hotbed of exciting entrepreneurial innovations, as this sample of success stories testifies:

Systinet (Czech Republic) – a leading provider of web services infrastructure software, founded by Czech entrepreneur Roman Staněk in 2000 and developed thanks to a €2.3 VC Investment, sold in 2006 to Mercury Interactive for €84M.

IWIW (Hungary) – a social networking web service founded by Hungarian entrepreneur Zsolt Várady in 2002 and developed thanks to a business angel investment estimated at approximately €400k, sold in 2006 to T-Online for nearly €4M.

MojPosao (Croatia) – an innovative job portal founded in 2000 and financed by business angels with approximately €1.3M, sold in 2007 to the Daily Mail group for €6.8M.

At the EASY Central Europe Investment Marketplace, early stage investors will have the opportunity to access 30 of Central Europe’s exciting newly emerging businesses, identified for their innovation and high growth potential. Investors will be able to meet and talk with the individual companies, view their products and services and see pitch presentations from 15 of them.

The EASY Central Europe Investment Marketplace will be jointly hosted by Microsoft, the Angel Investor Association, the South Moravian Innovation Centre and the Microsoft Innovation Centre as key sources of innovating high growth companies. The event will be held at the Prague Congress Centre in Nusle opening at 1:00 PM and will close at 6:00 PM after drinks and a networking session.

The event’s companies will come from the following sectors: ICT, biotechnology, media, design and clean technologies.

Official Website: http://www.earlystageinvestors.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=183&Itemid=30

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