137 Xingfu Road, near Fahuazhen Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai

Where: Shuffle Music Bar
When: Saturday, Feb 4th at 9:00PM
Tix: Free

  • Bai Yu from Xiao Min is a Robot(白羽,小民是个机器人乐队主唱)

  • Cheng Cheng from Three Yellow Chicken(成盛,灵性四溢的吉他手)

  • Liu Jian, author of Soldier(刘健《战士》作者,叙事民谣)

  • Liu Sijia from Three Yellow Chicken(刘四加,上海某大学德语老师)

  • Liu Haishen(刘海深,ONE乐队吉他/主唱)

  • Zhou Yong(周勇,原?疯子?乐队的铁血干将)

  • Gong Deqiang(龚德强,体育学院的帥哥,民谣歌者)

    Special Guests:
  • Liang Ying, female folk singer from Shenzhen(梁颖,来自深圳的女民谣歌手)

  • Three Yellow Chicken(三黄鸡乐队)

Shanghai East District Power Unplugged CD will be available for 30RMB

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