808 S 60th St
Omaha, Nebraska 68106

From the official website:

Earth Day Omaha 2007: It IS Easy Being Green!

The focus of Earth Day 2007 is Sustainability. As more and more Americans are learning about how important the issue of Global Warming is; we must also be educating each other how easy it is to live a sustainable life.

It is the goal of the Earth Day Omaha coalition to educate Nebraskans about:

1. Ways in which we create a sustainable environment in our home
2. Ways that we can promote a more sustainable atmosphere at work
3. How to support creating a sustainable/"Green" city

We look forward to seeing you all at Earth Day 2007!

The Earth Day Omaha event is presented by the Earth Day Omaha Coalition. We are a non-profit organization of volunteers in the Omaha area, we are currently in the application process for 501 (c)3 designation.

Official Website: http://www.earthdayomaha.com/

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