1501 East Shore Highway
Berkeley, California

Make Magazine and Maker Faire are proud to be involved with ACCRC (Alameda County Computer Resource Center -- accrc.org), which is hosting an electronics recycling event on Earth Day, this Saturday April 22nd from 10 am to 6pm. Drop off any and all household electronics. In addition for this event we're looking for old and abandoned projects, failed inventions, half-finished prototypes, partially assembled kits,etc. (if you have an old-time machine, fusor, lifter, alien organs, old toasters, perpetual motion devices, warbots or blenders, we want them, too.) The materials that are collected will be diverted to Maker Faire (in the Play Day area.) ACCRC is located at 1501 East Shore Highway in Berkeley. Map: http://www.google.com/local?q=1501+Eastshore+Hwy.+Berkeley,+CA+94710&t=h. No fees are charged for this collection.

ACCRC is a 13-year old award winning electronics recycler. Their primary focus is computers and the charitable placement of F/OSS computers in the hands of those who do not have access. A secondary focus is on finding a re-use for everything else that comes in and they get a lot of stuff. ACCRC will be creating Silicon Death Valley at this year's Maker Faire.

Official Website: http://www.accrc.org

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CORRECTION - The event will take place on Sunday, April 22nd (not Saturday) - Earth Day.

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