1834 Park Blvd.
Oakland, California

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Global Climate Change Community Summits are being held on Saturday, October 11, 2008 in conjunction with the United Nations International Year of Planet Earth. The Earth Charter serves as the ethical framework for Global Climate Change Community Summits.

The Web Linkage of the Summits is unprecedented and will launch a virtual GLOBAL COMMUNITY FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. The Summits’ web connection will allow participants to connect on the Summit Day and to reconnect on a monthly basis thereafter to maintain momentum and to share experiences and good practices. Summit keynote speakers will also be webstreamed and archived so that they can be downloaded on demand. Earth Charter U.S. headquartered in Tampa, Florida USA is the coordinator and underwriter for the web connection of the Summits

Official Website: http://www.earthcharterus.org/about-earth-charter/about-earth-charter/earth-charter-summits.html

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