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What do I need to know about eTeaching and how do I start teaching online?. Every teacher who has even minimal exposure to technology, grapples with this question always. The main question however is: How do I make money online through eTeaching?

At one level, this is the same as any other career. You have to work hard in beginning and then experience and word of mouth does the work for you. eTeaching can help you by either reducing your cost of teaching [and ensuring better margins] or by getting you more students in diverse locations in your spare and convenient time. Its generally the second reason that prompts most teachers to move towards eTeaching.

WiZiQ is an approach and tool that allows you to work for yourself and build your own teacher brand. In this class, Nidhi answers the main question how do I use WiZiQ to build my teacher brand. All the teachers/ trainers/ experts, who want to get started with their online teaching career, can join Nidhi for this discussion, free of cost, live on internet.

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