2160 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90041





Emerging Stage
FYF Fest/LA Record
Shearin Ave. and Colorado Blvd.
4:00-5:00pm- Chris and Charlie DJ Set (LA Record)
5:00-5:35pm- Faraway Places
6:00-6:35pm -Leslie and the Badgers
7:00-7:35pm- Fol Chen
8:00-8:35pm- Free Moral Agents
9:00-9:40pm- Jail Weddings
10:15-11:00pm- No Age

Global Stage
Dublab Future Roots Stage
Between Eagle Rock Blvd. and Caspar Ave. on Colorado Blvd.
4:00-4:45pm Julia Holter
4:45-5:45pm Nanny Cantaloupe
5:45-6:15pm Bali and Beyond Gamelan Ensemble
6:15-7:15pm- The Gaslamp Killer
7:15-8:00pm- Michael White Quintet Featuring Vocalist Leisei Chen
8:00-9:00pm- Mas Exitos
9:00-9:45pm- Buyepongo
10:00-11:00pm- Dub Club "Echodelic Sound System” with special guest vocalists

American Legion Hall
2109 Merton Ave.
4:00-4:35pm- Shakey Graves
5:00-5:35pm- Random Patterns
6:00-6:35pm- Bobb Bruno
7:00-7:35pm- Wounded Lion
8:00-8:20pm- Robedoor
8:30-9:00pm- Pocahaunted
9:30-10:00pm- The Street and Babe Shadow
10:30-11:30pm- SASSAS soundShoppe

American Tire Depot
Kingsize Sound Lab Stage / The Ship Stage
1924 Colorado Blvd.

Kingsize Sound Lab Stage
4:00-4:25pm- Linus of Hollywood
5:00- 5:25pm- Andrew Lynch
6:00- 6:25pm- Alaskan Summer
7:00-7:25pm- Our Future
8:00-8:25pm- Patrick Park
9:00- 9:25pm- Blank Blue
10:00-10:25pm- Dusty Rhodes and the River Band
The Ship Stage
4:30-4:55pm- Wonderground
5:30- 5:55pm- Amateurs
6:30- 6:55pm- Ovideo
7:30-7:55pm- The French Semester
8:30- 8:55pm- Nico Stai
9:30- 9:55pm- TBA
10:30- 11:00pm- The Happy Hollows

Bateman Water and Heating
Razorcake/Zocaloc Stage
1801 W. Colorado Blvd.
4:00-4:30pm- The Ignorant
4:55-5:25pm- Carnage Asada
5:50-6:20pm- That’s Incredible
6:45- 7:15pm- Apples and Onions
7:40-8:10pm- The Woolly Bandits
8:35-9:05pm- The Curs
9:30-10:00pm- Underground Railroad to Candyland
10:30-11:30pm- The Gears
2128 Colorado Blvd.
6:30-7:30pm- Juan Vega Trio
8:00-10:00pm- Juan Vega Trio

Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock
2225 Colorado Blvd.
5:30-6:30 Santa Cecilia Orchestra

Colombo's Italian Steakhouse & Jazz Club
1833 Colorado Blvd.
5:30-6:15pm- Tim Yalda and Friends
7:00-7:45pm - Sam Mellon And The Skylarks
8:15-9:00pm - Mumpo
9:30-11:30pm- Stephan Oberhoff Jazz Trio
5:30-8:00pm - The Joe Johnston Band
8:30-11:00pm - Morning Glory

Eagle Rock City Hall
Kids Stage
2035 Colorado Blvd.
4:30-5:15pm- Oh So Silly Animal Stories
6:00-6:45pm- Sandra Sandia
7:30- 8:15pm- The Tracs
8:45- 9:30pm- Artichoke
10:00- 11:00pm- March Forth Marching Band

Soul in the Park/ Future Music Stage
1801 W. Colorado Blvd.
4:00-4:30pm- Rani D.
4:30-5:00pm- Grainshifter
5:00-5:30pm- Alter
5:30-6:00pm- Kutmah
6:00-6:30pm- Computer Jay
6:30-7:00pm- Free the Robots
7:00-7:30pm- DJ Nobody
7:30-8:00pm- Sa Ra Creative Partners DJ set
8:00-9:00pm- Coleman and B + Mochilla mix
9:00-9:30pm- Jeremy Sole
9:30pm-10:00pm- Peanut Butter Wolf
10:00pm-10:30pm DJ Suckapunch
10:30- 11:00pm- Black Dynamite band

Rantz Automotive
1914 W. Colorado Blvd.
6:00-6:45pm – Eagle Rock High School Latin Band
7:15-8:00- Trova
8:30-9:15pm- Ollin
9:45-11:00pm- Kotolan

2160 Colorado Blvd.
6:00-6:30pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*

6:30-7:00pm- Collaboration #1 - Matt Eckel (Jack Wilson, Jr) & Meredith Meyer

7:00-7:30pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*

7:30-8:00pm- Collaboration #2 - Christian (The Transmissions) & Champ (Magick Orchids)

8:30p-9:00pm- Collaboration #3 t-The Monolators [Skiffle Disco]

9:00-9:20pm- Tag Team Hungry Beat DJ Set*

9:20-10:00pm- Film by Sublamp with live soundtracking by Timonium & Divisadero
* Hungry Beat DJs
Marion (KCRW), Michael (Part Time Punks), B-Rok (Substance) , Goodwill (Substance), YY (dublab)

Welcome Inn
1840 W. Colorado Blvd.
7:00-7:35pm- Bonne Musique Zydeco
8:00-10:00pm- Bonne Musique Zydeco

Women's 20th Century Club
5105 Hermosa Ave.
5:00 pm -10:00 pm - AM/FM Band

INI Reggae Sound Truck, Street Performances by Leaps N' Bounds Dance, L.A. Groove Styles , Yard Sale Crew.

Video Projections from Chris Peters, Julie Orser, Eric Siu , Nate Garcia, Michiko Yao, Karl Montevirgen, Lakshmi Luthra, Christopher Carlton with projectors provided by Side Street Projects.

Official Website: http://www.centerartseaglerock.org/

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check http://www.myspace.com/eaglerockmusicfestival for the latest schedule. The Pity Party were just added on The Ship stage!