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Improving engagement. Improving results.

E-mail continues to be an outstanding customer communications tool despite the challenges of deliverability, in-box stand-out and list member dormancy. In this course, an e-mail marketing expert will show you how to improve results by addressing the challenges that all e-mail marketers face. The course will show you how to develop strategies to:

· Improve deliverability and e-mail viewability through minimising the impact of SPAM filters and different e-mail reader platforms;

· Use creative, copy and targeting to achieve stand-out within the inbox which converts readers to action;

· Increase engagement of list members through varying e-mail frequency, content and offers.

You will find this course most useful if you have some experience of e-mail marketing. It is designed for marketers or agency staff who are already managing e-mail marketing campaigns or e-newsletters who want to squeeze more out of their communications.

It may also be useful if you are planning to increase your use of e-mail as a communication tool and want to know best practice for your campaigns that you can incorporate from Day 1.

After attending this course, you will be able to:

· Produce a plan to improve the results from e-mail campaigns or e-newsletters

· Select the most appropriate segmentation and targeting options

· Devise approaches to maximise deliverability and viewability

· Adopt an approach of continuous improvement to your campaigns

This in-depth course will cover the following topics:

E-mail marketing planning

· Setting realistic objectives

· Reviewing options for e-mail communications preferences and profiles

· Defining an appropriate touch strategy

· Getting the most from your list through segmentation and targeting

· Strategies to improve deliverability

· Briefing on the latest privacy laws, guidelines and codes

Improving e-mail campaign results

· Defining multi-message campaign

· Multichannel marketing - integrating e-mail with offline marketing

· Using behavioural / response-based targeting

Improving e-newsletter results

· Assessing current e-newsletter effectiveness – beyond open and click rates

· Matching content and offers to audiences to achieve results

· Integrating e-newsletter and campaign activity

· Improving your e-newsletter templates to increase response

Improving creative and copy

· Improving subject lines and e-mail headers

· Improving e-mail structure

· Effective calls-to-action

· Improving body copy

· When and how to use video streaming and rich media

The workshop will step you through different issues to be reviewed when producing a plan to improve your e-mail marketing. We will use activities to reinforce the main learning points and allow you to apply them to your situation.

The course will show many examples of how the leading companies are using e-mail marketing for campaigns and e-newsletters.

David Hughes runs an independent digital marketing consultancy, Non-Line Marketing, and has over 8 years experience of email and internet marketing. His training and consultancy areas of specialisation include on-line data gathering, developing email marketing communication programmes and integrating email marketing with traditional direct marketing channels.

For the past 5 years he has been a Strategic Consultant with Emailvision, a pan European email technology provider, helping client and agency partners with the strategic, technical and operational issues affecting email campaign success. He works with companies such as Telegraph, Kangol, Institute of Directors and 3M and has experience of email in both the BtoB and BtoC sectors. David is also the Director of the Tank! On-Line Marketing Action Group, delivering thought leadership programmes for the client marketing community and is author of the DMA UK Email Marketing Benchmarking Quarterly Report. He is a regular speaker for the Institute of Direct Marketing and the DMA on email marketing issues.

David spent 7 years at Claritas (now Acxiom) as the European Data Acquisition Manager generating over 8 million survey responses on and off-line per year across 7 countries. The off-line, high volume direct mail experience allows him to apply direct marketing techniques to email marketing programmes.

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