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Anyone who has responsibility for acquiring customers online or building brand awareness - including brand managers, digital marketing managers, campaign managers and account handlers, e-marketing executives and planners. This is an intermediate-level course and as such it is recommended that you have at least some online marketing experience.

After attending this course, you will be able to:
• Understand the scope and tools of online advertising – its scope is probably a lot larger than you expected
• Learn how to develop an online advertising strategy for a specific audience to support different types of outcomes
• Understand the importance of analytics and tracking and be able to instigate relevant methods of measuring effectiveness
• Deliver the business case for an interactive advertising campaign.

They will do this by:
1. Identifying the unique opportunities available in the online space
2. Creating an appropriate online briefing template
3. Demonstrating the ability to evaluate an online media solution/schedule
4. Forecasting and then measuring the success of their online campaign

Planning and strategy
• How does the internet differ from other marketing channels?
• Audience behaviour online
• Who's spending and what on - some context
• How do the unique characteristics of online dictate your approach?
• What are the key factors that will influence your online strategy?
• How can you overcome the key challenges of online advertising and maximise ROI?

Online advertising: how to attract more site traffic and build your brand online
• Understanding the role of online media in the decision-making process
• How to buy behaviour rather than demographics
• Tackling response vs branding objectives
• Media planning
• Planning for real-time behavioural and sequential-consideration activity
• What works when
• Media buying options, rates and negotiation
• The importance of integration with other channels
• Developing a good brief and understanding channel split

Delivery, measurement and analysis
• 3rd party ad-serving options and how to use them effectively
• Analytics and online advertising
• Measuring campaign effectiveness beyond clicks and sales
• Using 3rd party research tools such as Hitwise to understand the wider context.

Official Website: http://www.e-consultancy.com/knowledge/events/1576/online-media-planning-and-buying--london-seminar.html

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