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The multichannel challenge for organisations
• Too many channels – don’t upset the retailers, or sales!
• Too many lines – on, off, above, below
• Too many suppliers – mail, ad’s PR, digital, field marketing
• Too little dialogue – sharing plans and learning

The online value proposition
• How to develop and position it
• How will it impact traditional channels?
• Contact preference – let people choose their contact channels
• Driving cost out of the business with channel options

Planning a multichannel strategy – the customer journey
• When and how to drive traffic between online and offline
• Examples of how to transfer customers between different channels
• What are the problems of a multichannel approach?

Measuring the effectiveness of multichannel marketing
• Tracking the research path online and offline
• Last tag wins – problems of campaign-specific tracking
• Measuring conversion
• Econometric modelling – how to set it up and what it will tell you
• Problems with multichannel measurement

This course will give you the knowledge and techniques to:
• Plan a multichannel campaign
• Choose the role each channel should play
• Weave channels into a coherent customer experience
• Set goals and objectives for your multichannel campaign
• Measure a multichannel campaign's success
• Learn lessons from a campaign to help you improve next time

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