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The humble book seems to be holding its own against its digital equivalents, in a way that 35 mm film and the CD have not. Is this really the case, if so why and what does the future hold for the e-book?

How is the e-book format being used to innovate, e.g. linking to other media? Is the Turning Pages technology still holding it’s own against other e-Book formats? What did the collaboration between the British Library and Microsoft do for e-Books?

Do readers like e-books? Is non-fiction as successful as fiction? How do publishers and authors protect their copyright?

Are e-Books widely used in education? Will the JISC National e-Books Observatory Project, provide any answers with its study on the use and impacts of e-content in Higher Education?

Will devices such as Amazon’s recently-released Kindle lead to increased take up? Is there a standard for e-books and e-book readers?

What does the future hold, e.g. for library collections and content preservation?

Our expert presenters will include:

* PETER BLANCHARD, Managing Director, Libresco

* CLIVE IZARD, Head of Creative Services, British Library

* CAREN MILLOY, E-books Project Manager, JISC Collections

* JACK SCHOFIELD, Computer Editor, The Guardian

* ROLFE SWINTON, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder, CPI Publishing Solutions

There will be a demostration of the iLiad during the talk.

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