202 Mott Street
New York, New York 10012

Another Summer dwindling away, another Fall settling into the city, another day of digging for the right soundtrack to fit it all. Here in New York, a city that seems to pride itself on being cutting edge in everything but air conditioning, after a day of sweating and surviving, sometimes it all boils down to that gorgeous moment at the end of every night, when you sit on your fire escape enjoying whatever breeze you get for as long as you can, maybe smoking a cigarette, and stare off at the skyline of a metropolis just one swipe of a Metrocard away. Dylan and minusbaby will be your conductors for the night.
No cover/No minimum
You can smoke in the back room

Official Website: http://bridgeandcauseway.net/

Added by minusbaby on August 27, 2006



When's your Oakland set?


I'd play Oakland for the cost of a plane ticket and a place to sleep. Oh, and some food.


Can I come too?